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Urban Fight

Combating Vacancy and Decay in Baltimore

Location: Humanim 1701 N. Gay St., Baltimore, MD

With over 16,000 vacant buildings and 17,000 more vacant lots, it’s easy to see that abandoned property is a huge issue for Baltimore.

Urban Fight is a conference for the people working to tackle the problem of Baltimore vacants. On September 30th, community advocates, technologists, entreprenuers, journalists, policy makers and anyone interested will come together to exchange ideas and share lessons about combating blight and repurposing abandoned Baltimore.

Urban Fight is an open conference and the content will be provided by the attendees. Please let us know if you would like to present on these or any other topics:

* Vacant buildings
* Abandoned lots
* Public engagement
* City policy
* Revitalization planning
* Mapping and visualization
* Vacants data collection
* Foreclosure prevention

Details and registration: