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"Know thy history. Let it horrify you; let it inspire you. Let it show you how the future can look, for nothing in this world has not come around before." - [Rhiannon Giddens](


A master class in community building - online and off - by @jermainetbell - - a champion tummler @heathr @kevinmarks @debs


A quantum of hustle? Is it possible to have more than one active project that requires entrepreneurial effort?



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Our citadel is about to fall. Feckless leaders and compromised ideals weakened our once-proud City on a Hill.

Now, an empty-souled manipulator and his hell-born army have breached the walls of The Establishment. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, the enfeebled resistance crumbles. A darkness spreads across the world, and the forces of good are few and scattered.

Today, in Maryland, we ride out to stem the tide of evil (or at least create an annoying speed bump.)

We cannot win. Our defeat today is certain. But we can make a difference in the larger war.


Arise, ye small business owners. And you, preppies, suits, and yachtsmen!

Ride in to battle as brothers, you libertarians and Objectivists, evangelicals, and Jesus freaks.

Remember when we destroyed walls instead of building them? Rise again, you foes of communist tyranny. And you, the fiercest patriots, immigrants – proud Americans by choice!

Go forth! Rotarians, neocons, Megyn Kelly fans, soccer moms, veterans, gun nuts, people who still read National Review on paper, and anyone else who's left!

I wish we had a Theoden, but John Kasich will have to do. Or Ted Cruz, depending on who's running stronger in your congressional district.

Ride! For ruin and the world's ending! Liberty or death!


My old campus paper defunded by student gov – secretive retribution for an op-ed mildly critical of


"Donald Trump is a textbook example of an ideological moderate" - this months-old observation now helps me understand why conservatives, libertarians, and other principled people have been powerless to stop him


Rescuing vulnerable teens one at a time with a web of unconditional support - @nytimes spotlights Baltimore's @Thread_Org @impacthubbalt